7 Best Chatbot Examples to Model Your Bot Marketing After


How do your clients contact you? Surely you have your contact info and hours of operation posted online. You may even have live support 24/7. 

So what more could a chatbot do to help your business? A lot, that’s what.

If your live support is limited to specific business hours, a chatbot could pick up the slack after-hours. That’s pretty helpful for your customers on the other side of the world who just wake up when you close.

If all your support staff is busy with other customers, your chatbot gives them another option for support. In fact, a high-quality chatbot can reduce or even replace the need for live support. And that’s money saved.

So just how good do chatbots get? That’s what you’re here to find out!

Below, we review the most advanced, innovative, and helpful chatbots chatting around today. See the crazy-unique ways businesses are using chatbots, and how they can help in your digital marketing strategies, with these real chatbot examples. 

1. Insomnobot 3000: The Insomniacs Virtual Friend

Can a chatbot cure insomnia? That would be great, but no. Insomnobot 3000 isn’t that kind of bot.

But he does give insomniacs a healthy outlet for their unyielding, nocturnal thoughts. Who do you talk to when you can’t sleep, and everyone you know dosed off hours ago? Mattress company, Casper, answers that question with Insomnobot 3000.

Insomnobot is your friend who never sleeps. Let’s face it, of all the things you could be doing on your tablet at 3 in the morning, this is probably one of the healthiest.

When you think about it, though, it’s about as basic as chatbots get. What’s impressive here is the ultra-specific way it was marketed–and bay a mattress store, of all companies. It’s a great example of how powerful out-of-the-box marketing can be for even the simplest app or product. 

2. Endurance Helps Dementia Patients

Whether you’re a student at Ultimate Medical Acadamy or a licensed physician with your own practice, every facet of the healthcare industry can benefit from chatbots. One amazing example is a chatbot designed to help dementia patients retain their conversational skills.

As dementia progresses, one of the things that slips away is the patient’s ability to converse. Russian developer, Endurance, is currently developing a chatbot that may be able to help with this.

The so-far unnamed bot will act as a companion/conversational training tool for dementia patients. It helps patients keep their conversational skills practiced.

And it listens for conversational signs of memory impairment. It keeps a log of any responses by the patient that suggest a potential loss of memory or cognitive function. Friends, family, and medical professionals could then access this log for help with diagnosis and treatment.

This is just one example of how chatbots could be used to advance medical science.

3. MedWhat: Online Diagnosis Chatbot

MedWhat is another chatbot to aid the medical industry.

Medical apps and websites, like WebMD, have long had online tools to help patients at home diagnose their medical problems. These ask the patient questions and use the input to suggest a diagnosis.

Now there’s a medical diagnosis tool that can answer your questions, too. The MedWhat chatbot takes the standard diagnosis tool and adds an interactive AI.

Utilizing two-way communication and extensive medical databanks, MedWhat is able to offer a more comprehensive diagnosis. For users, it’s also a lot more approachable and convenient than an online questionnaire. Doctors can use it during their appointments to bring up helpful research fast.

4. Moms Have Questions, BabyCentre UK Has Answers

We all know that first-time moms have a LOT of important questions that need answering. With all the research, blogs, books, and internet databases that already exists on the topic, BabyCentre UK came up with a different solution.

Their Facebook Messenger bot doesn’t just answer the myriad of questions new moms have. It also asks the important questions that their frazzled, post-pregnancy brain forget to ask.

Then, using the information it gathers, it directs the user to relevant products to solve their issue. In doing so, the Johnson & Johnson-owned company found quite an innovative way to fill their target customers’ needs.

5. Disney Lets Fans Solve Mysteries With Judy Hopps From Zootopia

Ever wanted to chat with a Disney character? Of course, you have! And now, you can.

To promote their movie, Zootopia (and its merchandise), Disney created a chatbot to allow fans to solve mysteries with the film’s main character, Judy Hopps. This text-based adventure isn’t just fun for kids, it’s an incredibly smart way to get a target audience engaged.

Think about it. How much does it cost to name a chatbot, “Judy Hopps?” Compared to a fully fleshed-out video game with 3D model graphics, sound effects, and soundtrack, it costs almost nothing.

And yet, it’s just as fun, maybe more. Being the text contact of a cartoon detective, who wouldn’t enjoy that?

6. National Geographic’s Einstien Bot

Speaking of smart, you can’t get much smarter than Einstien. But to create a chatbot version of Einstien to promote a TV show about said genius comes pretty close. And that’s exactly what National Geographic did for their show, Genius.

Similar to the Judy Hopps example, their Facebook Messenger bot let users chat with one of the greatest minds of all time. Well, really, it’s only a bot designed to mimic the voice of Einstein while drawing from an extensive, digital well of Einstein knowledge.

But still, it’s another great example of how such cheap technology can be marketed to cause massive ripples of excitement into the audience.

7. Practice Speaking a New Language With Duolingo 

What’s the most important thing most second language courses don’t teach you? It’s confidence. 

You may have all the words and grammar rules aced. But the thought of actually conversing with a native speaker of the language fills many emerging bilinguals with a paralyzing fear of judgment. 

Enter bilingual practice bot, Duolingo. Duolingo will never judge you for your linguistic mistakes.

You can practice conversing with it to your heart’s content without fear. Eventually, you’ll become so used to it that the thought of speaking to a real, live person won’t be so scary.

This is a huge breakthrough in breaking down language barriers. And it gives bilinguals the confidence they need to put “bilingual” on their resume.

What Did You Learn From These Chatbot Examples?

Feeling inspired yet? Hopefully, reading these creative chatbot examples has given you a lot to think about.

Specifically, what are some ways you can use chatbots to creatively impact your customer base? Follow these examples and come up with your own clever chatbot marketing campaign.

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