Social Media Marketing Trends

5 Important Social Media Marketing Trends


144 minutes, or 2.4 hours. 

That’s the average amount of time a person spends on social media. That’s a lot of time spent liking, double-tapping, sharing, and commenting. 

But what if your business isn’t getting a lot of action? You have a decent presence, but that’s about it. You need a big boost to get your biz in front of more eyes. 

That’s where marketing trends come into play. Keeping reading as we’ll dish on all the latest social media trends you need to know. 

Shopping on Instagram

Thanks to the pandemic, it’s changed customers’ buying habits. Rather than make the trek to a brick-and-mortar store, they venture to their couch and search Instagram instead. 

Instagram has changed the face of eCommerce by monetizing the platform. A business, just like yours, can add products for followers to easily shop. It’s not only accessible but profitable. 

Creative Facebook Ads

Forget adding a picture with some copy slapped on it. When it comes to social media for your business, you need to stand out. 

Three major trends are happening within Facebook ads, such as:

  • GIFS
  • User-generated content (UGC)
  • Collages

GIFs catch the eye without requiring more than a couple of seconds of a scroller’s time. UGC lends to credibility and trust with weary and hesitant buyers. Collages give a glimpse as to all the ways your product can be used. 

Incorporating some of these trends stops people from scrolling and get them to convert. 

For the Love of Live Streams

With events canceled, businesses had to think on their feet–and quick. Now, even though events are making a slow comeback, there’s still a need for live streams. 

Users want to feel connected more than ever before and that’s what live streams do. They create those “in-the-present” moments that develop a greater sense of trust and attachment.

Sustainability Is In

Consumers are on the lookout for new brands, specifically ones that are sustainable. That means packaging that’s easy on the environment, along with production that doesn’t heat up the whole planet or siphon tons of water. 

Where do people go to find brands like that? You guessed it: social media!

They look to their followers and influencers for the scoop on all things sustainable. But you can’t just say you’re sustainable without doing the work. You need to actually prove you’re protecting the environment. 

Content That’s Easy-to-Consume

Podcasts and newsletters are having a moment among digital marketing trends. That’s because podcasts can be listened to while on the go and newsletters drop directly into a person’s inbox.

There’s no need to go to multiple different websites or apps to get the content people crave. This is where adaptability is vital. 

Podcasts and newsletters are worth looking into for the same reasons as live streams. They create that intimate atmosphere where users feel more connected to brands. Utilize these content creation platforms wisely by checking in with customers or providing valuable resources. 

Social Media Marketing Trends to Implement into Your Strategy

These social media marketing trends will help propel your business into the future. Next time you’re unsure of how to grow your business on social media, return to these trends.

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