Backlinks in Your SEO Strategy

How to Use Backlinks in Your SEO Strategy

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Are you building your website audience?

Over a billion websites exist across the globe. Standing out from others is difficult. It applies even when you’re competing in a niche industry.

However, building your relevance is easy if you use an SEO backlink strategy. As a beginner, you might not have an idea about backlinks SEO. Never lose hope yet since it’s easy to learn.

In this guide, we’ll discuss how to use backlinks to raise your website rankings. Read on and get more visitors now:

1. Reclaim Unlinked Mentions

It’s the fastest method to build a high-quality backlinks SEO profile. Be vigilant whenever blogs or online news outlets mention your brand. It’s not as difficult if you’re using Google Alerts.

In most cases, authors won’t link your website when they mention your products or services. Ask them for a proper link attribution through an email. They will likely comply since it offers their readers a better experience.

2. Reach Out to Journalists

Most bloggers and journalists receive emails all the time. However, they’re usually promotional information, adding no value to their audience. It’s why most outreach emails get no responses.

When reaching out, ask them for a set of topics they want to write about. Pick a topic you’re an expert in. Ask for permission before sharing your expertise.

It hits a sweet spot between what you’re credible to talk about and what the blog considers a newsworthy topic. It allows you to earn more backlinks for SEO since they will use your statement as a reference. Send them your website URL to ensure proper attribution.

3. Update Old Content

Look for outdated articles or research reports. Check the number of backlinks for every content. If lots of publications reference it, make a fresher piece and include more relevant information.

After you finish writing the content, reach out to the outlets referencing the old content. Inform them about your newer, more updated version. They might collaborate with you, helping your brand earn more reputation.

4. Publish Ultimate Guides

Ultimate Guides serve as the most comprehensive resource for a specific topic. It will cover enough information to keep your audience from going elsewhere. These pieces of content attract journalists since they can use them as references for related concepts.

For example, experts writing about backlinks in SEO could reference an ultimate guide. It’s more useful when they write short-form content.

5. Use Images

Infographics are the most common visual asset for earning backlinks. Experiment with them if you never published one before. You also have other visual content options, such as:

  • Charts and graphs
  • Explanation diagrams
  • One-page templates
  • Free photo galleries

When sites use your visual assets, they will likely link back to your website.

Improve Your Backlinks SEO Strategy Now

These are some tips to build your backlinks SEO profile. Never let the sheer number of global websites discourage you. Use our guide to enrich your backlink strategies and attract more visitors.

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