Secrets to Marketing Success

3 Marketing Experts Share Their Secrets to Marketing Success


Considering how much gets written about digital marketing, it can be surprisingly difficult to find actually actionable advice on how to market effectively. After all, over half of digital marketers prefer original written content as their main area of focus. 

For every piece with useful, usable information from actual marketing experts, you’ll get 10 articles written for clicks. This makes it difficult to filter through the line noise. 

To help offset the ratio a bit, we’ve compiled some pieces of advice from marketing experts that we’ve found to be empowering and informative. 

Marketing Experts Advice #1: Develop Relationships With Influencers

This first piece of advice from marketing experts comes from Akash Mehta of the marketing agency Co-Anu. He’d certainly know what he’s talking about. Not only does he run a marketing agency that’s worked with massive global powerhouses like Christian Dior, he’s also an influencer in his own regard. 

According to Mehta, “Today, more than ever, influencer marketing is about developing and nurturing a strong relationship with your brand advocates. This will lead to influence that drives action, not just awareness.”

This isn’t entirely a newsflash for those of us who’ve been following conversations around digital marketing in recent years. It remained to be seen if influencer marketing was going to stick around or if it was merely the latest marketing trend buzzword, however.

Influencer marketing is on track to become a $13.8 billion industry by the end of this year, though. The signs are clear. If you’re hoping to grow your company’s influence in the digital realm, you cannot overlook influencer marketing. 

Marketing Experts Advice #2: Customize Your Messaging

Consider this hypothetical situation. Imagine you’ve just lost someone near and dear to you, whether a relative, a friend or even a beloved family pet. Now imagine you express something about it on social media. 

In response, imagine some company sends you an unsolicited automated response. It reads “Congratulations on your big day! Use the promo code ‘celebrate’ to receive 15% off!’ 

To say that this is tacky beyond measure would be an understatement. 

Granted, this is the worst-case scenario, but inappropriate marketing messages are always a turn-off. Marketing experts agree that you need to customize every marketing message for the intended audience!

Marketing Experts Advice #3: The Journey is the Destination

We’ll leave you with some advice from Rand Rishkin, one of the leading lights in the fields of Search Engine Marketing. As one of the world’s leading experts on SEO, no one knows better than Rishkin that there’s more to business than just shopping carts. 

Rand Rishkin puts it like this – “Measure your customer journey, not just the conversion rate.” To measure only for sales leaves a lot out. It’s overly simplistic to the point of being useless. 

Today’s first-time visitor could be tomorrow’s 7-figure account! Putting metrics in place to measure a customer’s journey will help you keep track of how that journey is progressing. 

If you’re looking for more expert marketing advice, check out Boomcycle Digital Marketing.

Digital marketing is only going to keep becoming more complicated. It’s also going to become more powerful. Getting useful, actionable advice from digital marketing experts now sets you up for success in our increasingly digital world! 

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