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In Need of a Unique Marketing Idea? Here’s 5 to Get You Started


If your marketing ideas have plateaued, it can seem like there’s no hope. Your audience has dwindled or stagnated and you’re out of ideas.

Instead of tossing money at a problem without guaranteed results, use something that’s worked for centuries: Creativity.

If you need a unique marketing idea, you’ve come to the right place! Here are five unique ideas to help get your marketing back on track.

1. Give Something Away

When all else fails, never underestimate the power of free. Everyone loves getting something for free, even if it’s from a company they haven’t heard of.

Leveraging promotional products can increase your brand’s effectiveness by up to 44%. So whether you give away pens, drawstring bags, or promotional umbrellas, be prepared for some massive attention.

Whatever you choose to give away, make sure it’s useful.

Customers are always happy to add another pen to their collection. but bobbleheads, pins, and paperweights are just going to end up in the garbage by the end of the day.

Having a product that your audience can enjoy on a regular basis ensures that: 1) Your market isn’t stuck with a tchotchke they don’t want and 2) Your business is in the forefront of their mind each time they use it.

2. Interact With The Competition

If it seems like your competition is stealing away your audience’s attention, stop waiting and go to the source.

Interacting with the competition can seem like a strange tactic, as many business owners would rather ignore their foes altogether, but a friendly rivalry could be good for business.

Wendy’s regularly claps back at McDonald’s and Burger King and even went so far as to release an entire mixtape about their fast food rivals.

It’s all in good fun, but ignoring your competition is an outdated and ineffective marketing method.

3. Advertise on a Podcast

Despite the fact that millions of people tune into their favorite podcasts on a weekly basis, it remains one of the most underutilized advertising channels.

Almost half of all Americans have listened to a podcast within the past year, with 26% claiming to have listened to a podcast within the past month.

Finding a podcast with a similar target audience to yours can help you reach millions of people easily. Or better yet, start your own and use it as a weekly way to connect with your audience.

4. Reward Customer Interaction

Taking a page out of the ‘something for nothing’ playbook, make an effort to interact with your customers on social media and reward customers for reaching out.

Giving away a free product or a discount code is a fantastic way to inspire loyalty at little to no cost on your part. And at the same time, it encourages your customers to regularly engage with your brand.

5. Plan a Marketing Stunt

Remember when IHOP changed its name to IHOB for a week? Or when Tide created half a dozen commercials during the Superbowl?

These clever marketing ideas were so effective that we’re still talking about them today.

The trick is to think outside the box and use the element of surprise in your favor. Find a new and unexpected way to market your product and you’ll often be surprised at how receptive your audience is.

Use a Unique Marketing Idea to Reinvigorate Your Marketing Campaign

It’s said that necessity is the mother of invention. And if you need to find your audience, using a unique marketing idea from this list is a great way to attract interest in your brand once more.

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