Latest Jewelry Trends

A Brief Look at the Latest Jewelry Trends That Are Everywhere in 2021


The jewelry market was worth over $300 billion last year, as people’s desire for shiny adornments seemed indented by the pandemic. Whether it was rings, earrings, piercings, bracelets, or whatever else, people’s demand for jewelry has gone from strength to strength.

But what are they demanding? What’s hot and what’s not in the fast-paced world of modern jewelry? Are mismatched earrings in or out this season? And what even is a paxi bead?

Find the latest jewelry trends and more right here.

Eclectic Earrings

When it comes to jewelry styles, earrings are often where the story begins. In answer to our earlier rhetorical question, yes, mismatched earrings are very much in this season.

A nice set of mismatched face-framers is one of the most hotly demanded types of jewelry on the market right now. Statement earrings — big, ostentatious earrings — are particularly desired.

But if big and bold isn’t your style, worry not. A Swarovski canopy linear earring (mis)matched with something bright and exciting from Paco Rabanne can easily kit your out to hit the streets in 2021.

Choked Up

Guess what, chokers are back in! I know, I know, I can barely contain myself either, but it’s true. The jewelry industry has seen fit to bestow upon us the gift of a panoply of choker options this year, and pretty much all of them bang to some extent.

Of course, chokers come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Different gems, styles, and types of gold turn the world of neck-based jewelry into an amazing panoply of choices. An asymmetric chain necklace from Acne? Or a rock crystal candy pop choker from Be a Bongiasca? The possibilities are endless.

Watch Out

You can’t beat a good watch. Okay, so maybe the old-fashioned stuff doesn’t measure your heart health, calories burned, and the phases of the moon, but they do look incredible.

Watches possess a (no pun intended) timeless quality that means they’re always a good investment for people looking to get into the latest jewelry trends. Even better, they run the gamut of styles and prices. A stylish person can look better in a $10 Casio than some amateur does in a $40,000 Rolex.

Though, to be fair, a stylish person can look really good in a $40k Rolex too.

So while you’re looking into types of jewelry, don’t count watches out. Even better, if you’re looking into jewelry as a gift for a loved one, get a laser engraving on jewelry service for that watch and make its sentimental value match its actual value.

The Latest Jewelry Trends: There’s Something for Everyone

Whatever you’re into, the latest jewelry trends have something to offer you. The world of jewelry styles is endless and ever-changing, so make sure you keep up and don’t fall behind!

After all, it’s all about fashion.

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