benefits of email marketing

The 10 Benefits of Email Marketing


Are you using email to market your business at the moment? If not, you could be missing out on a huge opportunity.

There are tens of thousands of companies all across the country that have discovered the benefits of email marketing and found a way to use them to their advantage. Email marketing is one of the simplest forms of marketing, but it’ll offer you an amazing return on your investment.

Don’t just take our word for it, though. Check out some of the benefits that you’ll get to enjoy when you make email marketing a big part of your marketing strategy moving forward.

1. Offers One of the Least Expensive Types of Marketing

There are tons of ways to market your business. You can:

  • Mail out postcards
  • Hang up billboards
  • Air commercials on TV and radio

But almost all of those things will require you to fork over a substantial amount of money.

One of the biggest benefits of email marketing is that there’s almost no cost associated with it.

You could potentially be subjected to paying a small fee to send thousands of emails at a time. But that will cost just a fraction of what other types of marketing would.

2. Connects You With Customers Who Actually Want to Hear From You

The people who receive emails from you won’t just be random people you’re contacting about your company. They’ll be people who, at one time, agreed to be put on your email list.

These people may have purchased something from you in the past. Or they may have filled out a form at your business giving you permission to email them with special offers.

Whatever the case, email marketing will allow you to connect with customers who want to receive emails from you. That means they’ll be more likely to click-through on links in your emails and actively engage with your business.

3. Reaches a National or Even Global Audience With Minimal Effort on Your Part

If you send out postcards or hang up billboards to market your company, you’re going to be targeting a very small group of people. Those people are all going to live in one specific area.

But with email marketing, you’ll cast a much wider net. You can reach people who live in any part of the country and, to a larger degree, any part of the world.

4. Makes an Immediate Impact on Customers

The impact that email marketing makes is immediate. You put together an email and click send and people start receiving your email right away.

You won’t make the same kind of impact with other kinds of marketing. Those marketing attempts will force you to wait for postcards to arrive at people’s homes or wait for people to drive past your billboards.

5. Gives You the Chance to Convey a Very Specific Message

When you market your business through postcards, billboard, or even TV commercials, you usually have to take a more general approach. Your goal is to bring awareness to your business in most cases, not to advertise a specific sale or event that you’re holding.

Email marketing is different. It allows you to send out very specific messages about sales, events, and more.

6. Allows You to Target Messages at a Certain Group of Customers

With email marketing, you have the option of sending out emails to everyone on your email list. But you also have the option of sending them out to certain groups of customers on your list if you want.

Let’s say you want to hold a special flash sale for those living in one specific part of the country. You can use email marketing to target only those who live in that region as opposed to targeting everyone.

7. Drives More Sales Than Other Forms of Marketing

If people receive a postcard in the mail about your business and are intrigued by a product or service that you sell, they have to make it a point to go out and visit your business or your business website to buy something. There is a lot of effort that they have to make on their part for you to benefit.

Email marketing eliminates most of the effort that your customers have to make. They can simply click on a link in your email to make a purchase. This will boost your sales in no time.

8. Provides You With Valuable Data That Shows Whether or Not Your Marketing Is Working

When you utilize email marketing, you can usually get direct access to data that will show you how effective your emails are. This data will let you know:

  • How many people are opening the emails you send out
  • How many people are clicking through on the links you provide in your emails and visiting your website
  • How many people are spending money on your products and services as a result of your emails

You can avoid making some of the most common email marketing mistakes by putting this data to good use.

9. Makes It Easy for Customers to Share Information About Your Business With Others

You rely on your customers to spread the word about how great your business is. Why not make it as easy as possible on them through email marketing?

If someone gets an email from you about a sale you’re having, it’s a lot easier for them to simply forward that email to someone they think might be interested in it as opposed to calling or texting them about it.

Your customers will be able to share info about your business more efficiently when you send them emails.

10. Requires Very Little to Get Started

You don’t need to put together a gigantic marketing team or anything to enjoy the benefits of email marketing. You also don’t need to create fancy email templates if you don’t want to.

At the beginning, all you need to use email marketing is a list of customer emails and an email marketing platform. That’ll give you everything you need to start using email marketing right away.

Find Out About the Benefits of Email Marketing for Yourself

The best way to learn about the benefits of email marketing is by giving it a try for yourself.

After sending out just a few emails to your customers, you’ll see why so many companies have turned to email marketing over and over again. You’ll also notice an uptick in sales in many cases and get an even better return on your investment than you expected.

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