how does seo work

How Does SEO Work?: The Ultimate Guide for Beginners Who Feel Like They Know Nothing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Most businesses and individuals are aware of SEO but have no clue how valuable it truly is.

Wondering how does SEO work? Keep reading for the basics you need to start, and tips to lead you to success.

Start with the Basics

How much do you know about SEO? The core of what you should know is that it relates to how your website gets organic traffic from search engines. This mostly means Google.

SEO covers ways to make both your site and content as attractive as possible so a search engine will put your information at the top of the results pages.

Essentially search engines search web pages and rank them in order to provide customers with the best results.

How Does SEO Work: Attractive Content

High ranking starts with quality content. If you produce poor blog posts, other steps you take to improve your SEO will not matter.

There are a few tips for creating good content. First, try to solve a problem. People search for how-tos and answers to problems they don’t know.

Always speak from a place of authority. This builds trust in your business and your products or services.

Links Always Have and Always Will Matter

In early SEO days, links were crucial. And guess what? They still are. When Google ranks a website, having quality and informative links is a very important factor.

Keywords are also important to pay attention to. Google has started to also search pages for secondary keywords to provide rankings.

For example, Primo Registrations would focus on keywords such as custom license plates. Secondary keywords could be personalized plates or number plates.

Check out this guide on where to place keywords throughout your site.

Mobile SEO

People use their phones for much more than they use their desktop or laptop computers. Because of this, Google places value on sites that are mobile friendly.

First steps include choosing a responsive design that is easy to navigate. Sites should be quick to load.

Be sure your sites and content are branded consistently.

Some Trial and Error

Be aware that there really isn’t one magic formula for SEO. You must be patient because finding what works best for you takes some trial and error.

Being comfortable with basic SEO methods lets you experiment and try different things. Over time you will recognize what works and what doesn’t.

Don’t think you can cheat the system either. Google and other search engines have algorithms in place to see if anyone is using unethical tactics for their SEO.

Nail Your SEO Strategy and See Results

After reading this guide, next time someone asks, “How does SEO work?” you will have the answer. No matter how familiar with SEO you were, these tips will help you achieve the success you desire.

If you are eager for even more information on improving your SEO standings, check out our helpful guide on changes you should make to your site.