7 Fantastic SEO Techniques to Drive New Clients to Your Wealth Management Company

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Online wealth management is quickly becoming an extremely saturated market.

New companies are popping up all around the world. Everyone claims they are the best expert available. How can you ensure your own wealth management company will stick out of this crowded pack?

You need to raise your search engine optimization game. SEO is the process of enhancing your visibility in the online market. There are techniques you can apply to your website to ensure that when people search for wealth management, you come out on top.

When you search for something online, how often do you actually click on the second page of results?  If your company is low on the list of search results people will never clink on you either.

It’s easy to get lost in the shuffle when there are so many other firms vying for consumer attention. The best way to stand out is to make sure that you’ve optimized your search engine capabilities. 

You need to get your SEO in fighting shape!

Are you having trouble attracting new clients to your wealth management company? Read on to learn about 7 brilliant SEO techniques that should help.

1. Have The Need For Speed

You know from your own experience that if a website is taking too long to load you’re clicking out of there ASAP. Website speed not only affects people’s enjoyment of your site. It’s also a contributing factor in search engine prioritization.

Google actually ranks websites higher the faster they load. This may sound like an arbitrary metric. But more traffic on a slow website results in the slowing down of the entire internet.

Google does not want that to happen.

To improve your SEO, you may have to first work on your web design. If you’re looking for what some of your wealth management competition, check out this site: Vermögensverwaltung Basel. It’s a great example of a well-designed site with great SEO.

2. Keywords Are Key

Keywords are the cookie crumbs you leave to guide web searchers towards your site. There’s a whole system to what words will work for you and where to place them in your content. 

Keywords should not be shoehorned into your web site. You want to make sure they can be used organically in concert with your site’s tone. Using a keyword just because it’s popular might give you some more traffic.

But that traffic will not convert to realistic clientele for your wealth management business. It’s best to keep keywords relevant and prevalent.

3. Evergreen Content Creates Extra Green In Your Pocket

Evergreen content can be read and shared all year round. The more timeless content you create, the more of a backlog you have for your site. 

It’s like fishing for customers with a net. The more content you have, the bigger the net becomes. Articles and other marketing materials made specifically for one time of the year can become obsolete. 

Evergreen content can always be recalled and used as new content year round. Even if an old piece just needs a year change, you are still recycling and staying relevant. 

4. Go Local

Nearly half of all online searches are for people looking for local services. That’s why you need to try to cater to a local market. 

Even if your wealth management company is strictly web-based. Using shout outs to communities gives you a tangible presence in their life. You’ll be more trusted as a neighbor than some mystical website in the clouds.

Plus, they might not even find you if you aren’t catering to their local market.  

5. Give Yourself Props

When it comes to SEO, you should not be ashamed to give yourself a shout out on your site. You just have to be subtle about it. Internal linking is one of the best ways to get people to stay on your site longer and see more of it.

When you’re reading marketing materials, you may be inclined to click one of the embedded links in the piece. These links will usually bring you to another website with further information. But you also want to keep users on your site. 

Interlinking in your wealth management company’s blogs and marketing content is a practice you need to adopt. As long as you’re herding people to quality content they won’t mind your personal pat on the back.

6. Make Sure Your Voice Is Heard

“Hey Siri, what percentage of web searches are now done by voice?” 

The answer, surprisingly, is fifty percent! That means half the time, people aren’t typing in words for a Google search anymore.

In the future, as voice-activated devices become more prevalent you’ll need to make sure your site’s SEO will make itself heard. Voice searches are not the same as text searches. Like keywords, you’ll need to establish key answers incepted into your website’s text. 

Where someone asks, “Hey Siri, what is the best wealth management company in my area?” You want to make sure that Siri tells them it’s you.

7. A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Hits

It’s not just audio that effects your SEO. You also have to consider the visuals on your website. The secret is to embed keywords into your jpeg files.

If the images used on your site currently have arbitrary file tiles, they aren’t doing anything for you. For example, if you have a picture of yourself on your bio page, name the file “best-wealth-manager.jpg”. 

The title of your image won’t show up on your site. But that image will now come up on Google image searches for “best wealth manager”. 

Try Out These SEO Techniques Today

When people search for wealth management help, you want them to find you. Using these SEO techniques will ensure you’ll never get lost in the competition again.

Jump to the top of the Google search rankings today! For more SEO tips check out this great blog