Keyword Tracking: How to Keep an Eye on Your Optometry Website’s Performance

Keyword Research

SEO is vital to your success online. It’s so important that experts predict businesses will spend $80 billion on SEO by 2020. Adding keyword tracking to your keyword ranking strategy is a great way to ensure you stay on that first page of results.

Wondering how to improve your optometry website’s performance with keyword tracking? Read on to learn more.

What Is Organic Ranking?

Organic ranking happens when you follow best practices for SEO. Producing excellent, valuable content and earning backlinks from trusted websites are good examples of things you should be doing.

By tracking keywords, you can better understand your organic ranking. That means you can continually track your strategy for better conversions and higher placement in the search results.

How Does Keyword Tracking Work?

There are a range of tools you can use to track the keywords people use to find your site. You can see how well they perform and optimize your site for the most popular keywords.

Because you already know people find your site using those terms, it makes sense to use them. You can also see how long people spend on your site after clicking through from that search term.

This is the bounce rate. The lower the number, the longer time they’ve spent on your site. Which means the keyword leads to content they’ve been looking for.

If a keyword isn’t ranking, or people don’t spend long on your site after using it? You need to change the keyword or tweak the content on your site.

How Do You Do Keyword Tracking?

Perhaps the best rank tracker tool is Google Analytics. It’s free and many businesses use it anyway. But they don’t always take advantage of its keyword tracking abilities.

Say you want to track the performance of a keyword like optometrist. Go to Acquisition > All Traffic > Source/Medium. From there, choose the Keyword filter.

It’ll show you a report on the keywords people have used to find your site. Does ‘optometrist’ appear in the list? If so, then people are finding your site using that keyword.

Alternatively, go to your Google Search Console account and log in.

Click on Performance in the left-hand menu. It will give you the top ten keywords used to find your site.

Find New Keywords to Use Based on Visitors

This is a nifty trick you can use to improve your website’s performance in the search engines. It uses Google Analytics to determine what visitors look for using the search function on your site.

In Google Analytics, go to Behavior > Site Search > Search Terms. It’ll give you a list of terms visitors look for within your site.

This gives you a good insight into what information people want from your site. It also shows you what people are looking for so you can use these terms as keywords if you aren’t already.

It’s also a good idea to check how your website design affects your SEO.


Keyword tracking is essential for improving your SEO strategy. If the keywords you’re tracking aren’t ranking, consider changing them.

Or find new ways to rank for them, including paid advertising, creating new content around those terms, or building backlinks.

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