SEO for Contractors: Improving Your Local SEO for More Business

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Looking for more local business clientele for your contracting company? SEO is the key to finding new clients and business. Local SEO for contractors will help you get your business to the top of the list on search engine results from customers near you.

When a person or business in your area searches online for painters, construction, roofing-ect.-your business needs to show up in their search results. The way to do that is to optimize your online presence to appeal to your local community.

This article shows you how to improve your local SEO and get more business.

How to Improve Local SEO for Contractors

The reason that Google shows any content to a user is based on the relevancy and reputability of the content. For example, if a user wants more info about changing the color scheme in the interior of their home, the only way that they are directed to your site is if you have corresponding content.

Hence, the need for a blog on your website.

Optimizing your local SEO is a five-step process. Local SEO is a combination of on-site and off-site elements. Local onsite-SEO is the process of localizing your website content. Local off-site SEO includes backlinks, citations, directories, and reviews.

Website Localization

If your business operates out of Atlanta, optimize your content to Atlanta. If you operate in Huston, optimize to Huston. Wherever you are, optimize your website to include the country, region, and state that you do business in.

Businesses that operate in several places need multiple pages or websites for each city. Blog posts help to strengthen your local SEO by promoting individual resources and information to your local community.

List Your Website on Google My Business

Google My Business tops all other online directories as the most prominent. Google is the search engine that the vast majority of people in the western hemisphere use for online inquiries. In the United States, over 80 percent of searches in 2018 were from the Google search engine.

So go where the users are going. If your customers are searching for contracting help on Google, appeal to Google as much as you can for better ranking. Therefore, activate your Google My Business account.

Online Business Directories

A way that search engines establish your businesses reputability and rank in search results, is to look at business directories. Online business directories are like a phone book and provide publicly available information about your business. SEO for contractors is directly tied to the businesses visibility online through business directories.

After Google My Business, sign up for a business account on Facebook, Google Maps, Apple Maps, LinkedIn, Bing, Yahoo, and Yelp.

Look for free business citations and directories on which to list your business. The more directories that your business shows up in, the better.

Online Reviews and Ratings

To improve local SEO for contractors, generate and manage your online reviews and ratings. Search engines look at any site that allows customers to review your business. This includes your website, consumer review sites, and all the business directories that you sign up with.

A minimum of ten positive reviews, of at least 100 words each proves that your business is relevant and trustworthy. If you get a review that is not positive, request it to be taken down by the sites admin.

Generate Quality Backlinks

Backlinks are a big part of successful local SEO for contractors. A backlink directs the user to your content from a different website. Social media is a haven for backlinking.

Anyone who shares your blog content on their social media account generates an organic backlink for your site. Likewise, a backlink can exist on another non-competing businesses blog.

Seek out partnerships with complementary businesses in town. Ask them to include backlinks to your site if you do the same. This way, you are improving your local business success at the same time as improving your reputability on search engines.

Final Thoughts

The more specific to your area, city, or town your web content is, the more local traffic you get. Google and other search engines want to see that the users of the internet are interested and positive about the relevancy of your business. Get creative and generate positive reviews to direct users to your business.

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