Get Read: 7 SEO Tips to Help Increase Your Blog Ranking

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The world of online marketing is a fast-moving machine. If you’re not up to date on the latest SEO trends, you’re liable to fall off the wagon entirely. And what’s the point of having a blog if no one is going to look at it anyway?

If you want your company’s name out there, you have to work with popular search engines and attempt to make sure that your page, and all the content you put on it, work together.

If the world of SEO is still confusing to you, or you’re not sure if you’re making the most of your webpage, keep reading. We’ll give you our top tips so you can start climbing up the blog ranking ladder today.

What is SEO?

In order to understand what you need to do to increase your blog ranking, you have to understand what SEO is.

SEO stands for search engine optimization, and it’s a complicated word for a pretty straightforward concept.

Think about the last time you searched for something on the internet. You probably typed in a question or phrase like “best winter boots” and when you hit enter, Google found millions of posts that relate to that search. But it doesn’t just throw those things at you, it lists them in order.

This order isn’t an accident. Google works hard to try to put the most relevant information in front of you and it does this by releasing millions of internet crawlers out to analyze and rate every page on the internet. Depending on what those crawlers find, your blog will rank high or low.

When you practice SEO on your blog, you make your blog more attractive to these crawlers and thus making Google more likely to stick your blog at the top of specific search lists.

Now that you know the bare bones about SEO, let’s take a look at some tips you can use to increase your blog ranking.

1. Make Your Content Shareable

There are a number of reasons why making your content is important to your blog ranking. Search engines prefer content that readers love. If they think your readers are getting a lot out of the content you’re making, it’s going to try to put it in front of more users.

Try to make sure that your content is something that your customers are going to want to share with their friends. Make it engaging and interesting while staying on topic for what your target demographic is searching for.

Also, some buttons for sharing on popular social media on your page won’t hurt either!

2. Perfect the Snippet

Snippets are the little paragraph of information underneath the listing on a search engine’s search page. They typically give enough information that it answers a casual user’s question.

These pieces of information come directly from the page they’re supporting and they answer specific queries.

You can expect snippets to become more and more important as we start to perfect voice controls, like Google Home and Alexa.

3. Don’t Dilute Your Goods

It’s a good idea to try to consistently create content for your website. But if that content comes at the expense of your brand, you should probably fine-tune your approach.

Keep your content on topic and on brand. If you run a company that sells computers, don’t write content about fashion trends. Doing this is only going to make your blog confusing to the internet crawlers and your customers as well.

Stick to the subject!

4. Overhaul Old Articles

Take a look at the stats for some of your old articles. The ones that ranked high are good to go, you don’t have to mess with them. The ones you should be worried about now are the ones that almost made it but didn’t.

Give these posts a complete overhaul. Rewrite them, double check your links and make sure that you give it your best effort. It’s a good idea to improve your old articles and it takes the burden of creating new content down a notch when you’ve got these oldies to fall back on.

That said, it’s never a bad idea to update your old articles that did well! If information has changed and you think you can make your old, well-performing articles better, do it!

5. Mix Up the Medium

You’ll be doing your blog and your customers a favor if you give people a lot of different things to look at. You want text, obviously, but you also want to shake things up with images and even videos.

Video marketing is especially growing in popularity. With the booming popularity of Youtube where basically any piece of information can be read to you, people are starting to prefer this form of media.

If you have the skills and the ability, consider making informational videos. But if you don’t think your videos will have a professional feel, save it for another time and focus on images.

6. Recruit Help

We’ve just barely discussed the tip of the SEO iceberg here. There is so much more to learn and even more that you can do to increase your blog ranking. When you’re trying to run a business, you’ve already got a lot on your plate.

Take a look at companies that offer insights on your company’s development, like the one at this website. If you can afford the extra help, they’re a great commodity who will be able to help you get your blog ranking where you want it to be.

7. Hop on the Guest Blogging Bandwagon

One of the best tips you can get for increasing your blog ranking is to start guest blogging. This means reaching out to fellow bloggers, people who are in your field or others who are willing to help produce content for up and coming blogs and offering to write a post for them. You use that platform to link back to your blog. This is another thing that search engine crawlers look for!

Increase Your Blog Ranking and Get Your Business Going

As we said before, there’s a lot going on with SEO and blog ranking. And while it might seem like it’s a lot to handle all at once, when you break it down there are a lot of small, manageable tasks that you can do to help boost your business with your blog.

If you’re curious where your blog ranks overall, try a ranking check tool today!