Seals and SEO: Local Plumber Keywords You NEED to Rank

Keyword Research

There are over half a million people in the United States that are employed as plumbers. Given that plumbing is projected to grow by over 14 percent through the year 2026, that half a million number is set to explode.

With all of that new competition that’s out there, how can you hope to complete?


SEO, or search engine optimization, is the practice of optimizing your business online by using certain keywords that will lead to Google ranking you higher in its search engine results.

Given that Google connects over 5 billion searchers every day with local businesses, your ranking high in Google can mean a massive amount for your client acquisition efforts.

But what keywords should you be using to maximize your local plumber SEO?

Below, our team shares with you the most valuable terms you should start sprinkling into your digital content to improve your rank!

1. “Local Plumbers”

Given that we’re focusing on improving your local plumber SEO, it stands to reason that one of the top keywords you’ll want to rank is “local plumbers.”

The keyword local plumbers can get as many as 5,500 searches in any given month on Google and ranking for it is easy!

To get started, first, you’ll want to make it clear what your service area is on your website. Then, sprinkle the phrase “local plumber” into your content where appropriate.

2. “Plumber Near Me”

Search engine optimization is all about understanding how people interact with the web. While the term “plumber near me” may feel like an odd one to sprinkle into your web content, a ton of people use this exact phrase when searching for plumbing online.

Plumber near me typically averages about 4,000 searches per month and you can rank for this keyword by again, making your service area clear on your website and by using the phrase in your content.

3. “Plumbing + Your City Name”

Another popular way people search for local plumbers online is by typing in the word “plumbing” followed by the name of their city.

This term’s search volume will vary based on the size of your city so we can’t quote averages.

All of you have to do to rank for this local plumber keyword is to make sure you don’t go too broad with your city name. For example, if you service a suburb in Los Angeles predominately, use the suburb’s name as opposed to trying to rank “Plumbing Los Angeles” where competition will be more fierce.

4. “Plumber + Your City Name”

All of the same rules apply to this keyword as they do with the last one we just shared.

Search volumes vary based on the city name and in order to rank. You’ll want to niche the city name you use down as much as possible.

Wrapping Up Local Plumber Keywords You Need to Rank

There you have it! Four powerful local plumber keywords you need to rank if you want to find success in today’s crowded market.

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