Get Searched: 5 Offline Marketing Tips to Get Customers Talking


In a world dominated by the internet, it seems there is only one marketing strategy and it must be online. It is true that digital marketing opens up fabulous opportunities for connecting with potential customers. 

However, there are still excellent offline ways to connect with your customers and get them talking. Check out these 5 marketing tips that will make a great impression on your future customers.  

1. Quality Business Cards

Some say the business card is dead. In the modern digital world who needs a small piece of card that is easily lost. If you want to look up a business all you need to do is ask Google or check out LinkedIn.

All of the above may be true but the important thing to realize is that the business card is not dead but its function has changed a little bit. The business card is an excellent opportunity to create a talking point based on the creativity and quality of the card itself. Check out some of these very cool and creative ideas here.

2. Sponsor a Local Event

Sponsorship can be expensive and may not be an option for all businesses. Depending on your budget, your sponsorship may be lost amongst bigger businesses sponsoring the same event.

This is where local events can be a real advantage. You can look for ways to make an impression on your community. Sponsoring a local sports team or sponsoring some activities at the local school and college can all bring great value to your business.

3. Get Branded

Make sure you have a clear brand identity. Add it to your stationery and custom banners. When you send mail, make sure you add free gifts using your stationery.

Another excellent idea is to donate excess stationery to places like schools that will continue to use your branded items. This way, your stationery will continue to work for you long after that trade show has finished.  

4. Competitions and Prizes

Everyone loves competition and prizes. They are an excellent marketing tool. You will find better engagement with a few well-chosen value prizes than just one big prize. This is because people are more likely to think they have a chance of winning.

5. Mark Success

The pace of life and work can be fast. This sometimes means that one success has finished and you are already moving onto the next challenge and project. Far better to build marking success into your project from the beginning.

One way to to do this is to research the awards that are available in your industry and plan from the beginning to apply for them. As you develop your project you will need to make sure you are gathering the information you need to submit an application for one of these awards. 

Even if you do not get an award still take time to celebrate success and share that success with your client database.

Marketing Tips – Online and Offline 

Internet marketing is successful. However, it takes expertize and experience to get it right. Check out this article on whether you should outsource your SEO or not. 

In the excitement for online marketing, it is easy to forget about your offline marketing. That would be a mistake. Follow the marketing tips above and you will find more customer engagement and it will also help drive more people to your online efforts.