7 Digital Marketing Tactics to Help Expand Your Brokerage Firm


Not all digital marketing tactics work the same for every type of business. If you own a hair salon, using geotargeting may be the best way to advertise online.

But a brokerage firm works with clients all over the world. They need an effective online marketing strategy that educates and informs prospective clients on a global level. 

Also, since brokerage firms work with high-end clients, their target market is vastly different than the target market a discount furniture store would have. If you’re a brokerage firm looking to increase business, keep reading. 

We’re sharing with you the seven best website strategies a brokerage firm should be using to expand your business. 

1. Start Your Digital Marketing Tactics with Good Web Design

You need to start with a great website marketing strategy. Your target market is high-end individuals who are willing to trust you with their money. 

People with a high net worth are extremely busy. If your website takes longer than 2.7 seconds to load, they’ll find another company whose site loads immediately.

If your site is cluttered, uses stock photos versus original photography or is a free site, you’re never going to gain their trust. Your firm should instead invest in creating a website that looks attractive, provides good information, and uses a color scheme that creates a sense of trust and faith in your company. 

Hire a professional web designer and don’t cut corners or try to save money. It’s worth it to ensure your site is free from errors and looks like a million bucks. 

2. Create Shareable Content

Content is king, but only if it’s quality. One of the best online marketing tips is to constantly create fresh, interesting content.

New and existing clients want to learn more about what your company does. Creating good content can do all of that without you having to have a private sit down with every prospect. 

Your clients want to know more about how you can help them. Providing them with those answers makes you someone they respect and trust. 

Content Boosts SEO

But you also want to use content to boost your SEO. Using search engines optimization tactics such as keywords and link building helps get you noticed by search engines. 

And search engines, especially Google rewards websites for creating quality content on a consistent basis by ranking them higher. 

By making it shareable, your firm can now share fresh content on all your social media platforms. And your customers can also feel free to share your content with their friends and associates.

3. Invest in Search Engine Marketing

Most brokerage firms have extra money to use to create a highly effective online marketing strategy. While SEO is extremely important, you can also afford to invest in SEM. 

Google AdWords is a great opportunity to reach your target market who are currently researching brokerage firms. Using the right keywords, your company ends up being noticed over any other brokerage firm. 

And it’s easy to monitor the results to see if any changes or tweaks need to be made to your campaign. 

4. Get the Right PR

It’s not always easy getting press these days. In the past, a well-timed press release could capture the eye of new clients. 

But today, press releases aren’t the only way to get in front of a huge audience. You have other options. You can work with a public relations professional who can help get your business into new stories and articles on topics that are related to your profession.

And if you’re not ready to work with a PR professional or it’s not quite in your budget, you still have options. There are free services that connect you with publications and writers who are looking for sources like you. Try signing up with Help a Reporter Out

5. Email Marketing

Email marketing is not only affordable, but it also has a great ROI. In fact, email marketing has the greatest ROI than any other form of marketing. 

You can use email marketing to share your latest blog articles, get people to follow you on social media, alert them to press releases, and even use it to implement referral reward systems. 

It’s a great way to shorten your sales cycle without wasting efforts on cold-calling or other strategies that aren’t as effective, are more costly, and take up more of your valuable time. 

6. Online Reviews

Bad press can ruin a brokerage firm’s reputation faster than the Titanic sunk. One of the best website strategies you can use is to encourage people to leave reviews on your site. 

Customers are more likely to spend upwards of 31% more on your services based on good reviews. Reviews automatically build up trust and give you credibility in a way that nothing else can. 

People trust reviews as much as they do a personal referral. And reviews also help boost SEO. 

7. Marketing Automation

Effective online marketing strategies take time and effort. But as a business owner, that’s not your responsibility to oversee and implement all these marketing strategies. 

There’s simply not enough time. One way to decrease common mistakes while increasing your outreach on a consistent basis is to automate your marketing. 

Look for a CRM platform with marketing automation built in. That way your CRM already has all the contact information you need to build successful campaigns. 

You then have one source where you can integrate all your marketing strategies. The end result is a consistent marketing message spread across all channels to help build up brand recognition. 

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