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Get Rich or Die Tryin’: How to Boost Online Site Exposure of Your Trading Website

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

With a 92.74% market share of search queries, Google reigns over the SERPs.

It’s no wonder websites focus online site exposure efforts on the master search engine.

Besides Google, there are many other ways to get eyeballs on your website. Having many sources of traffic makes your website more stable and keeps you from experiencing whiplash every time there is a Google search update.

We are going to talk about ways to grow your site’s exposure (including Google) throughout this article, so keep reading.

Boost Your Online Site Exposure

When you put the following tips together, you’re looking at a master plan on how to improve traffic. It won’t be just any traffic either; we are talking about targeted traffic that you can turn into leads and sales.

1. Search Engine Optimization

Since we already touched on how much market share Google enjoys, it only makes sense we would go into SEO on the first point.

Google is serving over 1.4 trillion searches per year. You want your website to be in a position to get some of the free traffic. Many factors go into SEO, but to keep things simple here are some of the main things to keep in mind.

Optimizing your site isn’t all about the keywords you put on the page anymore. If you want to go to the top of the search engines, you have to focus on user experience (UX).

Here is an example of a website that is all about user experience. As you are building your site, you can look at how they have put the site together and learn how to structure your own site.

Another part of SEO is building links back to your content. You want to focus on high-quality links like those you’ll get from guest-posting. The higher the quality the link, the more “juice” your site gets.

2. Write Content People Love to Share

While it isn’t every day your site’s content goes viral, even one great piece of viral content can work wonders for your traffic. Imagine having thousands of people flooding to view your website.

3. Email Marketing

Email marketing is still relevant today. While open rates may not be as high as they used to be, people are still opening their emails, and they are still buying because of follow-up email series.

When people visit your site, you need to have a lead magnet (something valuable you can give them in exchange for their email) in place. Gathering emails makes it easier to bring traffic to your website because you can re-market to these people. Since they already know about you, they are more likely to check out what you have to say.

4. Video Content

When people don’t feel like reading, they head over to YouTube and see who has a video on their topic. You can create a YouTube channel where you give tips on trading and other topics that interest your target audience. YouTube is a major search engine just like Google, but it is easier to rank since fewer videos are available on your topic than text.

5. LinkedIn Publishing Platform

LinkedIn is the perfect place to find people that are interested in trading. This platform is built around job seekers, sales professionals, recruiters, and other business professionals. Sharing your content on this platform can help you build website traffic that is likely to be interested in what you have to offer.

6. Infographics

Another form of content you can create in hopes of viral traffic is infographics. People love high-quality and engaging infographics. If you aren’t creating infographics for your blog posts, you are missing out on shares on platforms like Facebook and Pinterest.

7. Post Helpful Content on Reddit

Reddit has millions of users. When you engage with users on the platform and offer useful information, you are able to leave your link at times. A link from Reddit can give you a great deal of visibility when done properly.

8. Create SlideShare Presentation

Posting SlideShare presentations online is a great way to offer value and attract people to your website. When people see you are an expert in your topic, they want to hear more from you. SlideShares don’t have to take a lot of time or be time-consuming to put together, but you do want them to look professional.

9. Answer Quora Questions

People love to ask questions on just about anything on Quora. If you know about a certain topic, you can grab traffic that is currently searching for a solution. Helping people with their question can be a great gateway to sharing your helpful link with them.

10. Create Free Webinars

Free webinars are most often best used behind a gate. Requiring visitors to register for free for the webinar and get updates allows you to build your email list and track results.

Taking Your Site to the Next Level

Now that you have all of these strategies to get people to your website, it is time to choose the ones you want to start on right away. It is usually easiest to start with one or two strategies and add more as you go. Overloading yourself with new strategies might backfire so be careful not to overwhelm yourself.

You know everything you need to know to start growing your website traffic.

Keep track of your analytics to see which efforts are giving you the best results. Double down on the ones that are working and consider cutting down on the ones that aren’t.

When SEO is one of your online site exposure tools, you need to keep a close eye on the search engines. Watching for new updates, what sites are ranking and checking popular ranking checks will allow you to stay on top of the latest trends and techniques.

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