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The Fastest SEO for Construction: 5 Ways To Boost Your Search Ranking

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Did you know small business owners make up more than 95% all employers in the United States?

What’s more surprising is that out of every 10 small businesses, only 6 of them have a website and some form of online marketing.

If you want your construction company to succeed online, you need to use some search engine optimization, or SEO, to get your website to rank well and start bringing in more business.

But what kind of marketing techniques can you use for your website to give you an advantage? Don’t worry this short guide will help set you apart from the rest with some of the fastest SEO tricks.

5 Fastest SEO Tips for Better Rankings

As online marketing continues to grow, more construction companies are getting websites and an online presence. Luckily, there are some easy things to do that will give your business an advantage. Here are five of our favorite simple SEO tips.

1. Focus on Longer Keywords

Lots of people try to rank for short popular keywords, which means the competition will be through the roof! Instead, you should focus on longer, more specific keywords. This means there will be less competition and you can instantly rank higher for your keywords.

As an example, it will be very difficult to rank well for “roofing” but much easier to focus on construction terms for a specific city, such as “roof replacement in Salt Lake City.”

2. Make a Mobile-Friendly Website

A website that is more mobile friendly looks better and will provide a better user experience. But most importantly, since mobile browsing is so popular most search engines take that into account and a mobile-friendly website will often rank better.

3. Optimize Your Images

Sometimes people search for images when they are looking up construction-related terms. If you optimize your images and title them your keywords, you can rank in the image results. This could potentially higher rankings in the normal search results as well.

4. Use Google Maps

Whenever you search for a local business, it will usually show some of the top companies in the area. It often shows this group before even the normal search results, meaning a lot of people will see your company. Make sure to sign up for Google Maps and get your business listed here!

5. Release New Content

There is an old saying that content is king, and a website with new content will rank better than an old website that hasn’t been updated in years. It is highly recommended to add a blog to your website and add some articles about construction. This will help visitors, and tell search engines you have content that needs to be ranked.

SEO For Construction Companies Is Easy

These tips for search engine optimization should help you get your construction company’s website to rank a little better fairly quickly.

But this was just the tip of the iceberg. Search engine optimization has lots of details, and if you truly want the best rankings possible there is much more you can do. Just contact us and we’ll help you with the fastest SEO rankings!