5 Unwavering SEO Tips and Tricks for Drug Treatment Centers

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Is your addiction rehab website getting lost in a sea of treatment centers?

As the opioid epidemic and alcohol dependency increase, so does the number of treatment centers vying for attention.

So, how do you make yourself stand out from the crowd? Keep reading for five SEO tips and tricks to push your website to the top of the search rankings.

Content is King

Bill Gates wrote it in 1996 and it still rings true today. No website can go wrong with high-quality content, regardless of industry.

Some can benefit from it more than others. Rehab facilities aren’t known for snappy copy and exciting posts, which is why you’ll attract more attention with stellar content.

One of the best SEO tips and tricks you will ever learn is to publish regularly to keep your website fresh and relevant.

Your text should contain keywords you want to be found for, internal and external links, and heading tags. 

And, make sure your blog post is about what your title says it’s about. If you’re writing about opioid addiction but your title says the post is about alcohol, not only will you turn off your reader, search engines will place you at the bottom of the pile.

An example of a good on page SEO is the Inspire Malibu page. It uses the elements of SEO seamlessly.

Get With the Multi-Media

Some websites are notorious for their text-only page and blog posts. That’s fine if you don’t mind ending up in search engine Siberia.

But, if you want to hit the first page of a search engine you’re going to need a few extras.  Images, video, and even audio can give you a leg up against sites that lack these elements. They’re content too.

Video engages readers, providing them with a little extra information or even just breaking down the text so they can browse other pages on your website.

Don’t forget to caption and tag your images as well using the right keywords.

Check out the Competition

There’s nothing wrong with visiting your competitors’ websites. If they’re showing up at the top the search results, they’re doing something right. You should take note.

Visit their websites and do some research.

What search terms are they ranking for? What elements do they have on their pages? What does the description on the Google results page look like?

Learn what they’re doing right and follow suit.

Make Yourself Mobile-Friendly

Everyone is consuming content on their mobile devices nowadays. And, nothing is more annoying than a website that doesn’t conform to mobile dimensions properly. Enter mobile-first design

Mobile-first takes into account user experience (UX), responsive web design (RWD). 

Responsive web design automatically formats your pages fit the tiny screen of a cell phone or the large screen of a 50 television cabled to a laptop. Some sites have mobiles sites that don’t display as they would on a computer. 

These sites use the limited space to display content they want at the forefront in the mobile view. Users can switch to desktop view via a link usually at the bottom of the page. 

Know What Your Visitors Are Searching For

When you know what your visitors are looking for, you can give it to them. You can find out using a keyword search program.

If you have an AdWords account, it’ll help you tailor your content to what users are searching for. If not, a free online tool like Soovle can help you determine what popular search terms.

Get More SEO Tips and Tricks

Check out our post on local SEO tools for SEO tips and tricks for addiction rehab centers that want to be found locally. It’s chock-full of helpful info.