10 eCommerce Business Ideas That Will Make You Money in 2019


ECommerce is a $500 million industry in the US alone and will likely crack $700 million by 2022. With that kind of growth on the table, it’s worth any prospective entrepreneur’s time to consider their eCommerce options. 

Even better for potential entrepreneurs, eCommerce covers a lot of ground. It’s not just drop-shipping for a big e-tailer website or selling custom t-shirts anymore, although those are options.

Let’s jump in and look at some eCommerce business ideas that can make you some money in 2019.

1. Niche Merchandise

Competing with the major e-tailers for general merchandise is almost impossible. Those sites already enjoy huge customer bases, reliable supply chains, and polished logistics. Even major category niches, such as electronics, represent crowded spaces.

Where you can step into a gap is with niche merchandise that serves specific communities. For example, you could specialize in mom-related apparel or prosumer camera equipment. You can see a good example of a niche merchandise seller at this website.

The real power of selling niche merchandise is that it capitalizes on an existing community. The customer base already exists. You just provide products that customer base wants.

2. Online Courses

Do you possess a useful skill, like using a photo editing program or programming in JavaScript? Online courses or e-courses let you take advantage of that knowledge to generate passive income.

Using nothing more than screen recording software, a basic video camera, and a decent mic, you can film a complete course. You’ll need some audio and video editing software, which you can get for free.

Then you can offer the course for sale on your own site, through an e-course hosting service, or an affiliate marketing marketplace. 

3. Membership Site

Ever visit a website and discover that you can only access some of the content. If you want the really good content, you must join as a member.

Membership sites work on a very basic principle. You charge a recurring fee in exchange for access to valuable resources, such as:

  • courses
  • reports
  • apps
  • webinars
  • e-books

For example, say that you’re an experienced freelance graphic design. You can set up a membership site that caters to people looking to launch a freelance graphic design career.

4. Affiliate Marketing

Not every budding entrepreneur gets a great idea for a business. Affiliate marketing offers an excellent solution for this group of people.

You help other people sell their products and services. You can find these products and services on affiliate marketing marketplaces. Most affiliate products include marketing materials you can you use.

You can promote the products directly with a website devoted to them or select products that support your existing website. For example, say you run a self-improvement website. You could pick affiliate products such as audio courses on productivity or ebooks about personal finance.

5. Health and Beauty Products

It’s almost impossible to go wrong with health and beauty products. Almost everyone desires a healthier life and better appearance. It’s also an area with lots of opportunity for picking a niche.

For example, you could create a line of private label organic skincare products. You tap into the organic movement and offer the promise of a better appearance.

If that doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, you could focus in on fitness equipment and training programs. This area is especially solid around New Year’s day when people make new health resolutions.

6. Freelance Content Writing

All of those websites that support other people’s eCommerce business ideas share one thing in common. They need a constant stream of fresh content to rank well on search engines and draw visitors.

If you’ve got decent writing chops, you can provide that content. A few kinds of content you can specialize in include:

  • blog posts
  • articles
  • reports
  • white papers
  • marketing copy

Even better, this requires practically no investment up front. All you need is a website with a decent blog and an email address.

The site and blog let people learn about you. The email address lets them get in touch.

7. Handmade Crafts

Some people prefer the unique qualities of handmade crafts to the blandness of mass-produced products. If you can make jewelry, wood crafts, or even paint, you can sell your goods at a tidy profit online.

You can launch your own site to promote your craft business or list your items on one of the craft niche marketplace sites.

8. Premade Video

Putting together a solid video takes a lot of skill. If you can research a topic and put together a solid video about it, you can make some real money from it.

The trick here is that you must focus in on topics that other businesses will find useful. For example, a lot of businesses might want a video on building pivot tables for in-house training.

You could also make videos on making good YouTube videos. Businesses that focus on marketing training could package that into a larger course.

9. Premade Graphics

The explosion of e-publishing, online courses, and cheap websites creates a huge market for premade graphics.

Every website needs a logo or header image. Every self-publishing author needs a book cover. Every e-course needs a 3D image of a book cover or CD case.

Provide an option for some customization and you almost can’t help but make money.

10. Subscription Box

Are you the guru of makeup? The king of science fiction? The master of 3D printing?

You can take that expertise and convert it into a subscription box service.

You can curate boxes about fashion, beauty products, tech, and even books. As with the other businesses here, you should look for an underserved niche.

Parting Thoughts on eCommerce Business Ideas

With so many eCommerce business ideas out there, picking one might prove the most difficult part.

You can sell physical merchandise, curate subscription boxes, or develop video content. You can support other businesses by offering content writing services. You can build e-courses or even set up a membership site.

Do make sure you pick something that interests you or you risk growing bored with your own business.

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