A Quick (But Complete) Guide to Local SEO Tools for Addiction Rehab Centers

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Streamlining your local SEO tactics is a surefire way to boost business for your rehab center. The good news is that it isn’t as difficult as you may think!

It’s important to develop a strong local online search strategy for your addiction services, because of the nature of your business. Most of your clients will be within a local sphere, so without optimizing your online listings and website for local search, you’re missing out on vital traffic.

Local SEO tools are available for free online to help businesses like yours develop a great strategy to maximize the benefits of local search. Here’s how to make the most of online SEO tools to reach local people in need of rehab.

The Best Local SEO Tools for Your Rehab Center

There are many paid SEO tools available for businesses serious about developing their online search strategy. However, it’s easy to start your new local SEO strategy using these free tools below.

Update Your Google My Business Listing (And Don’t Forget Bing)

Google My Business is a free directory listing that will seriously improve your local search rankings.

Claim your business, add your details, and make sure your address is correct for the map location. That’s it! 

Your addiction services will now come up in the ‘Google Snack Pack’ top local search results when someone in the area looks for rehab in your location.

You can do the same with Bing Places, too. Do a business search first to make sure Bing doesn’t already have your rehab listed, as it often pulls data from other websites to populate its own listings.

For a really comprehensive listing, include Apple Maps in your local SEO strategy too. This is particularly beneficial for voice search, as Siri automatically opens Apple Maps instead of Google Maps.

Ask for Reviews from Every Client

Ask your clients to complete a Google business review when they have been using your addiction services for some time. Other sites, such as Facebook, are also valuable for showing off your glowing independent reviews.

Keep asking new clients to add to your reviews, too: 85% of consumers disregard reviews that are more than three months old. Make it a part of your program completion paperwork to ask clients for a review, to keep your listings fresh and relevant.

Broaden Your Service in Location Keywords

Check your current ranking to find out what your site is already ranking for.

Next, you need to take these keywords and create local variations for them to increase your ranking ability.

For example, if your rehab ranks for “stop drinking help”, expand this to create location-based keywords. In this case, you could use “stop drinking help + location”. If you operate in several locations or are near a large city, remember to include those, too.

This free bulk generator will take the hard work out of creating a spreadsheet full of related keywords!

Use Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test Tool

Google ranks mobile-friendly websites above those without an optimized site. The importance of this is amplified when it’s revealed that 88% of users search on a mobile device instead of a computer.

Use Google’s free Mobile-Friendly Test Tool to discover if your website is suited for mobile users. If not, take a look at more ways to improve your web design for SEO purposes.

And Finally: Snoop on Your Competitors’ SEO Rankings

Local SEO tools work well to discover what your competitors are doing and help you to define a strategy to your advantage. 

For example, use Google autocomplete to find out what people are looking for and where your competitors rank for such searches. Enter “addiction services + your location” into the search bar. Take note of what else comes up in the autocomplete drop-down menu, and also where your competitors rank when the search is entered.

You can also use our free Ranking Check Tool to learn more about your competitors’ websites as well as your own!