5 Best Practices for SEO Video Marketing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Are you struggling with getting your video marketing campaign off the ground?

Why not take a moment to use YouTube? When it comes to SEO video marketing, there’s no denying YouTube is an effective marketing tool.

Video marketing means engaging your audience using videos as your medium. The reason this works well is that videos are quick to get the attention of anyone who catches a glimpse of them. However, making a video doesn’t guarantee the success of any of your marketing campaigns.

Instead, you should plan your strategy to the dot, making sure that everything is in order before releasing a video. Here are 5 practices that should be a staple for your checklist every time you make a video for marketing. Read on and learn how you can launch a successful video marketing campaign.

1. Solidify Your Keyword Strategy

Every time you get started on a video, you should always plan your keywords ahead of time. Doing this makes sure that your videos reach their target audience.

This is even more important when you’re targeting a niche. Choosing the right keyword allows you to take advantage of the demographic with little competition.

While you’re researching your possible keywords, consider using online tools like Google AdWords. These often show you which keywords have a lot of pull for the topic you’re covering.

2. Optimize Your Content to Your Keywords

This may sound like a no-brainer but many people don’t follow this. Often, they don’t have content relevant to their keywords. This is because they take keywords that generate a lot of traffic and put it on their tags.

While this may bring a lot of traffic in, this results in many people disliking your ad for it. This is because most of the time, they have no interest in what your video presents. Video and SEO go hand in hand, so this also results in search engines flagging your video.

So, while it may require you doing more research, relevance will prove better in the long run. This is also because doing so makes sure that your keywords and video survive upcoming search engine updates.

3. Select an Engaging Thumbnail

A thumbnail is what’s displayed on the video before users play it. This plays an important part in your video SEO because this is what your audience will see first. If the thumbnail is drab and bland, people may ignore it more often than not.

If this happens to your video, it will take a slow descent and become ineffective as its SEO starts to drop. So, take the time to set the best thumbnail available. You can make your own or choose a still from the video itself.

The thumbnail should also tie in well to the intro of the video. Doing this engages watchers even more and keeps them hooked. You can do this by using a video intro maker such as this one.

4. Caption Your Videos

Adding captions to your videos helps increase your SEO score. This is because search rankings now consider accessibility as an SEO factor. The reason being that there are more people with hearing disabilities are relying on the internet than ever before.

This allows hearing-impaired individuals to understand the content of your videos. It also helps relay the information your video if your audio isn’t optimized.

5. Choose a Proper Hosting Service

Without hosting services, your videos have a slim chance of getting any views. You’re left to rely on one of them popping up on the edges of some websites.

With hosting services though, there is a great possibility you will get views on your video. Hosting services help with SEO by showcasing your videos to the appropriate audiences.

They also boost your website’s traffic. Good hosting services direct anyone interested back to your website. If your hosting service doesn’t do this, then you should consider switching hosts as soon as you can.

Master SEO Video Marketing Today

By now, you should know how important SEO video marketing is. So, what are you waiting for? Get your videos the views it deserves now!

Online marketing isn’t the only way to go these days.

Check out our other tips and tricks to learn more. After all, everyone needs to get off their devices sooner or later. When that happens, use these offline marketing tips to get people talking!