We’re Number One! How to Improve Your Mobile App Rankings

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Customized apps help build your brand and expand the level of customer engagement. But none of that matters if prospects can’t locate your app in their app store.

Proper app optimization helps your app rank better on IOS and GooglePlay. 

App store optimization involves the process of improving a mobile apps’ visibility. It’s a crucial element in the marketing process for small businesses. The primary goal is to direct more search traffic to your apps’ page in hopes for downloads. 

Failed ASO could render your app useless and cost your business a bundle. 

If you’re tired of seeing your mobile app buried at the bottom of search results, read on. Learn here some important tips on how to boost app rankings.

Minimize Characters in Your App Title Description

Keep your app title description to a minimum. Unless you have an established brand. Then, use that as the title for congruence. 

Otherwise, keep your characters close to 50 characters without exceeding. Use keywords that describe the principal function of your app. Ambiguous phrasing can cause confusion, which will direct users away from the app.

Avoid uncertainty at all costs. Remember, the goal of keywording is two-fold—grab the user’s attention and rank higher in search results

App Rankings Come From Developing an App That Stands Out

There are more than 2.1 million apps available to Google Android users. Positive ranking happens from the start—proper mobile app development.

Because less than half of the apps available in the store get downloaded, yours must be impressive from the start. Design your app for an intended function, which isn’t to babysit your logo. 

Set goals for what you want the app to achieve. Increased ROI should always the ultimate perspective. Research keywords and titles that are current and ranking well in each store. 

Make sure the app has sophistication with a modern spin. 

Watch Your MBs

Let’s be honest. The primary use for most smartphones is for photos and video. So, the size of your app matters. 

Keep it small but relevant and useful. 

Google’s algorithm takes size into consideration. The larger the MBs the further down the results page your app may end up. Keep in mind, users look for three things before downloading an app—download time, data usage, and storage.

Searchers veer away from apps that take up too much space and are slow to load. When Wi-Fi is inaccessible, data usage is everything. 

If it’s not a gaming app you’re developing, aim for an MB size of 5MB or smaller. It’ll catch the eye of most users. Plus, the ranking reward is a spot at the top of the search results list. 

Improve Your Rankings

ASO is the best guide for obtaining the ultimate app rankings. Before you launch an app, strategize a development plan. 

Build off successful ranking keywords. Design a unique, well-developed app. And be mindful of its size. 

Find out how you’re doing. Check your search engine rankings right here