Searching for the Salve: 10 Actionable Medical SEO Tips for Providers

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Are you looking for tips to help you get you noticed in search engines? With 93% of all interactions online initiated by internet searches, every business should be using SEO to improve their rankings. 

The goal is to build an optimization strategy to fit your industry. The process is easier than you think and can be implemented today.

Continue reading for out 10 actionable medical SEO tips to get your practice noticed.

1. Design a Website

We are living in a digital-driven world. With the use of phone books quickly declining, people are going the internet to search for businesses. Even if you do not have an online product or service, having a website is a useful tool.

2. Write a Good Meta Description

Define Meta description information to raise your rankings. The description is the short blurb that appears below your URL on the results pages. Use good keywords and special phrases unique to your services.

3. Utilize Medical SEO Keywords 

Keywords are needed for your SEO strategy. They are trending words and phrases people use frequently in their search. Determine which healthcare keywords rank high for medical practices.

You can use keyword research tools to help with the process.

4. Incorporate Link Building

Link building is proven to help rankings when used correctly. Boost content on your site by including links to reputable websites. Links can be used on any webpage that houses content. 

5. Use Strong Titles

Titles for healthcare SEO is how you name pages on your website. They need to include keywords that will increase ranking. Titles have a specific format that makes them more useful. 

6. Start a Blog

Blogs are great for SEO juice. They provide content for your website. In addition, you can establish yourself as an expert in your field. 

Topics can be about anything you want. You can have a learn the signs series, where you cover symptoms of various health conditions.

7. Create Social Media Channels

Social Media is must if you are looking for ways to boost traffic to your website. Everything you post to your site can be shared on your social channels via the page links.

8. Introduce Email Marketing

Like social media, email marketing is another great way to boost your link building strategy. Create amazing campaigns and share content from your website. When readers click on the links, they are taken to your website.

The more visitors to your website, the better your ranking.

9. Insert Infographics

Content with infographics helps spread awareness. They are also a good way to optimize medical web pages.

10. Make a Knowledge Graph

Knowledge graphs are like a mini version of your website. They appear in the right column of Google search pages when someone enters your business by name in the search engine.

These Tips Will Help Your Practice

Medical SEO strategies help raise your practice to the top of the search engine results pages. Once people know how to find your office, you’ll see growth in customers and revenue.

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