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5 Landing Page Examples That Will Help You Boost Your Success

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There are over a billion websites online today. Most of them rarely if ever generate sales for their owners.

So, what makes a successful website different than an unsuccessful one? Honestly, too many things for us to be able to break down in a single blog post.

One of the most important elements of success though is having a great landing page.

Landing pages are the first thing most of your customers will see depending on how you have your traffic sources set up. This post shares some landing page examples and breaks them down in hopes of giving you some insight on how best to improve the pages you manage.

1. Capella University

Capella University is a for-profit private learning institution. Seeing as how they’re in the business of getting learners to sign up for classes, they’ve crafted their landing page to do two core things.

First, they sell you with the value proposition of a flexible path to a degree. After they’ve hooked you on the idea of getting educated passively (and quickly), they have a form that allows you to request program information that collects your details and will no doubt lead to a service agent reaching out.

That is a standard hook and call to action strategy that works wonders for conversions.

2. Moz

Moz is a popular purveyor of marketing information (SEO tips, important definitions like RTB meaning, etc.) and tools. Their core products are their tools though which they ask people to subscribe to monthly to improve their online rankings, ad performance, and more.

We’ve included Moz among our landing page examples because when you stumble onto their page, the first thing you see is that they’re going to let you use their service for free. That initial statement is a powerful motivator for web traffic as it absolves prospects of risk.

From there, Moz breaks down their product offerings which further entices engagement.

3. Lyft

While Lyft and Uber are locked in an eternal war for market share, one place where Lyft has a clear advantage is its landing page. Clicking onto Lyft’s Google ad, the first thing you see is how much money you can make if you work with the company. That’s followed by a simple form that enables you to sign up for the service.

Sound familiar?

That’s the same hook and call to action strategy leveraged by Capella. We think Lyft does an even better job of it because of its simpler design scheme.

4. Geico

Insurance companies own landing page examples because they know exactly what most people want – To save money on their policies. That’s why on Geico’s page (and on many others), you’ll find claims as to why you can save by working with them and a button that enables you to start your quote.

That simple scheme leads to thousands of quote requests per day and lots of money for this popular insurer.

5. Shopify

When you’re not a super well-known brand, you must let people know exactly what you do the moment they stumble onto your landing page. Shopify does that brilliantly by clearly advertising that they’re there to help you build a better online business.

That claim is then followed by an opportunity to create a free trial which never hurts conversions!

Let Our Landing Page Examples Inspire Your Design

The reason why we’ve broken down these landing page examples is so you could adapt what’s working for others and integrate those insights into your own designs.

Remember, success leaves clues. By following in the footsteps of successful people before you, you can achieve and even surpass their results.

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