Life Insurance

3 Ways to Attract New Life Insurance Clients


Do you sell life insurance?

Whether you’re employed as an agent by a life insurance company, work in a life insurance brokerage, or you run your own company, one thing is certain: you’re ever looking for ways to find new clients.

In a country where about half of adults don’t have any form of life insurance because they think it’s not important to them, it’s easy to see why you’re struggling to bring in new clients.

So, how do you find life insurance clients in such a challenging and competitive environment?

We have a guide that’ll benefit you. Read on!

1. Specialize in Life Insurance

Are you an insurance agent or broker who sells all kinds of insurance policies under the sun?

Sure, that’s a good strategy when you want to attract a wide range of customers, but when your target is to find more life insurance clients, you’re shooting yourself in the arm.

You see, life insurance isn’t the same as other types of insurance policies. It’s one thing when a person wants to insure their car and it’s quite another when they want to insure their life.

Life insurance touches on an aspect not many people are willing to discuss; death.

You don’t want to be selling auto insurance and right after you’re done you ask the client if they’d be interested in buying life insurance. This is why it’s super important to specialize in selling life insurance. This way, you can really zero in on your target market.

If you’re an agent, you could even pursue a life insurance certification. This will show your prospective clients that you’re a life insurance specialist.

Depending on the requirements in your state, you might also need to obtain a life insurance agent license.

2. Seek to Educate

Misconceptions about life insurance are one of the primary reasons some people don’t have life insurance.

As a life insurance agent or broker, how do you demystify these misconceptions and enlighten prospective clients?

There are many ways, but the best is to start a blog. Use this platform to publish informative content on life insurance. For instance, you could do a post on the importance of purchase life insurance, who needs to buy life insurance, the different types of life insurance, and more.

The more your target market knows about life insurance, the more likely they are to make a purchase.

3. Build a Strong Network

A good number of people who buy life insurance do so after they’ve received a recommendation from elsewhere. Professionals like family lawyers and personal financial advisors are often advising their clients to buy life insurance.

As such, when you want to get new leads, it helps to build a strong network with professionals and institutions that are likely to refer clients to life insurance companies. For instance, if you can network with a personal finance advisor and develop a business relationship, it’s possible that they can send some clients your way.

Get More Life Insurance Clients

The life insurance niche is super competitive and complicated. People don’t buy life insurance the same way they buy other types of insurance. This poses several challenges to people selling life insurance. With this guide, though, you now have a couple of effective tips you can use to get more life insurance clients.

Keep reading our guide for more tips and insights.