10 Ways To Improve Your Mobile Keyword Ranking

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Did you know that there are more than 1.5 billion websites on the Google search engine? Google uses over 200 ranking factors to determine the search results to serve first. If you’re not keen on Google’s mobile keyword ranking, your website might never reach its maximum potential.

Are you hoping to improve your website and increase traffic to your landing page? With about 3.5 billion smartphone users, finding your way around mobile keyword ranking is vital. Here are ten guaranteed ways to enhance your website mobile ranking and take advantage of the growing online search market. 

1. Target the Right Keywords 

It will help to consider keywords that have a high search volume. However, you must ensure that your choice of words has a low keyword difficulty. Using the right keywords is a sure bet to improve ranking.  

2. Measure Your Mobile Keyword Rankings 

Without an understanding of your current baseline keyword performance, it might be hard to measure progress. If you’re keen on keeping track of improvements in your mobile keyword ranking, it will help to have some metrics. 

3. Focus on a Mobile Optimized Website 

The number of smartphone users continues to grow steadily. 90% of all internet users utilize mobile access. With this in mind, it would help to consider a mobile-optimized website that can reformat content to support handheld devices. 

You can get your website professionally designed in a way that can help promote your business here.  This will set you on a path towards a higher ranking. 

4. Optimize Your Content for Mobile SEO

You might be doing all you can with your SEO strategy, but until you consider optimizing your content for mobile SEO, the results might be limited. You can start by reformatting your content and compressing your videos and images to fit handheld devices.

5. Pay Attention to Server Uptime 

If your server uptime is weak, you won’t reap the benefits of a mobile search engine. You should always use a web host with a reliable uptime if you want to improve your mobile keyword ranking. 

6. Enhance Site Speed

People searching for information online through mobile phones have limited patience. If your site is slow, there’s a chance that Google will allocate you a lower rank. Site speed is among the factors Google uses to rank keyword searches currently. 

7. Improve Site Usability 

When ranking keywords, Google considers your site’s usability ease.  If you want a higher keyword rank, then you should consider your site’s availability and accessibility.   Issues such as broken links and mobile unresponsiveness can affect your overall ranking. 

8. Ensure Fewer Plugins 

Are you keen on improving mobile keyword ranking? It would help if you focused on using fewer but vital plugins. You can do this by first unplugging all the useless plugins on your site. It would help to use one SEO plugin if you are focused on mobile keyword ranking. 

9. Remove Pop-ups

Google penalizes sites with pop-ups. This is because such pop-ups tend to be intrusive on mobile devices. Your keyword ranking will be higher once you remove such pop-ups. 

10. Utilize the Various Google Tools

Google has numerous useful tools that can help you improve your keyword ranking.  Google search console is among such options. You can use these tools to help you assess whether the site is mobile friendly.

Mobile Is the Future of Online Queries 

More than 50% of all searches online are currently through mobile phones. If you want to improve your mobile keyword ranking, it will help to focus on these ten tips as the first steps towards a mobile-friendly site. With these tips, you have the guarantee of increased user traffic.

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