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Top SEO Trends Of 2019

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

It’s estimated that the SEO industry will be worth over $80 billion by 2020. 

How do you get your hand in that giant money pot? 

Try following and implementing new SEO trends. 

Every day there are more ways to make your website rank higher on popular search engines, to learn how to do this more effectively, here are some of the top trends in SEO trends 2019, and how you can use them to make your product the best out there. 

Time To Move Past Google Search 

Google is the most popular search engine out there, taking up over 60% of the worlds search space. 

But, SEO doesn’t just apply to Google, and if you target other types of search engines you might end up with a service that comes out on top.

Here are some examples you can follow. 

Alexa and Bing 

Alexa home assistant now has over 39 million users. The catch: Alexa runs on Bing’s search engine. 

This means that an additional 39 million people are making Bing search requests through a technology you can take advantage of. 

In other words, if you’re interested in moving beyond Google engine, you can target Alexa and Bing to get popular page rankings.

App Stores 

There are millions of app consumers, developers, and marketers out there. One way you can go beyond optimizing your google search results is by targeting app stores. 

Attempt making adding tutorial based apps for your products and services to markets like Apple Store and F-droid. 

By doing this, you get to target both Apple users and Android users. 

Mobile Search Engines

When you’re optimizing your rankings through app stores, try reaching out to mobile apps. 

In 2017 mobile users downloaded over 178 billion apps

This means that a large slice of the global population searched for apps that met their needs. If you can target that search population, your SEO will increase as well. 


There are a rising number of data breaches every year. This has affected the amount of trust internet users put into companies that store and track their information. 

If you’re interested in becoming a bigger figure on someone’s search bar, try marketing your products security benefits. 

By doing this you’re marketing your product towards the popular needs of internet users who are searching for high-security services. 


In recent years machine-learning and automation have not only been widely searched, but used in businesses to optimize their data organization and content marketing. 

Here are some ways to introduce AI to your business: 

  • AI chatbots that run faster and smoother than other explicitly coded options 
  • AI load balancing technicians that make your website handle larger loads of data 
  • A-B tested marketing using AI to build stronger campaigns for your business 

Ranking Checks 

You can optimize your businesses search results by making your website a source for rank checking. 


For the same reason that you’re reading this article, millions of website and business owners are interested in raising their search rank. 

If you’re into this strategy, you can check sites like for pointers on how to build an SEO friendly website that also acts as a rank checker. 


What is Google’s new E-A-T monitoring? 

Google announced in 2018 that its broad core algorithm had been shifted to specifically favor quality content. 

How does Google’s search engine define quality content? 

E-A-T stands for expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. 

It’s important to that if you want to be included in Google’s algorithm update to generate content that meets each of these steps. 


To send out content that meets this expectation be sure to demonstrate that your service is credible. 

In other words, include resources and testimonials to your product. Beside this, you can list your company CEO and his credentials. 


Put simply, be sure to list features that allow users to contact your business and find out more about your services. 

Make sure your website can act as an authority for its product. 


E-A-T is partially based on web-page reputation. This means if many sites that are poorly maintained and sketchy are being out-voted from popular searches. 

To make sure your website stays at the top keep your site regularly maintenance and be sure to provide ways for others to boost your site reputation. 

Y.M.Y.L (Your Money or Your Life) 

Google has added another algorithmic filter to their search engine which specifically involves customer and business financial transactions. 

But, YMYL also thinks about user safety. If a service, which costs x amount of money, can risk someone’s well-being, it’s heavily monitored. 

Therefore, if you’re interested in conducting paid-for services online you need to ensure it passes TMYL’s expectations. 

Here are some ways to do this: 

  • Outline all the potential risks your service has
  • Refrain from making elaborate promises on your transaction pages 
  • Clearly define the steps customers must take to complete a transaction 
  • Prove the creditors and payment methods you have listed are legitimate. 

SEO Trends 2019 Are Your Quick Route To Success 

When it comes to the SEO trends of 2019, you have a lot of options. 

This works in your favor. 

Go ahead, take advantage of the digital transformation and how fast it moves. Be the first to implement these new trends to take your online business to the top. 

Once you’ve gotten your search engine rank up, you can start counting the money coming your way. But, in order to do this, you need a way to check your rank. 

If you’re interested in figuring how where you rank on the most popular search engines out there, check out for fast results.