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How to Rank on Google: 4 Tips for Your Website

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Ranking high in search engines is a core part of attracting new customers, but what that really means is ranking high in Google. After all, Google represents over 92 percent of all global search traffic.

In order to rank above your competitors in Google results, you need to optimize your website. Read on to get some tips on how how to rank on Google.

Target Keywords

One of the simplest things that you can do to boost your Google rankings is to target specific keywords. You can use tools like Google Search Trends to track how often people are searching for certain things.

You may find some surprises that let you tailor your content. For example, instead of focusing on “dog walks,” you should be focusing on “dog walking services” because it’s being searched more often.

How to Rank on Google: Set Up Google My Business

Another simple thing that you should do is set up your Google My Business page. This is the panel on the side of Google results that comes up when people click your location on Google Maps. It lists all of your contact details, your opening hours, and any other relevant information.

A filled out profile will boost your placement in Google results, and it makes it more likely customers will reach out to you as well. Google My Business is a free service: you just have to claim your business profile for yourself.

Go Local

It’s almost always easier to optimize your results if you stay local. National results for things like “marketing” will point you all over the place, but if you look up “marketing agencies Des Moines” you have less competition to cut through.

While you can make use of any agency, a local marketing company will be able to give you results tailored to a specific audience. Why hire an American firm if all of your business is in Canada, for example?

Start a Blog

For most websites, it doesn’t make sense to have regular updates. However, publishing new content is one of the key ways Google makes sure that a site is legitimate. It also can attract new traffic.

Therefore, it’s a good idea for you to start a blog. You can write about topics that are related to your business – or even contract out an SEO agency to create that content for you. These blog posts will pull organic traffic from Google results, and increase your rankings overall.

Boosting Google Rankings Is a Process

Knowing how to rank on Google isn’t a magic bullet solution. Boosting Google rankings takes a really long time, and requires dedication and adjustments as you make changes to your website. While the above tips are all great and easy ways to start, they’re not the entire journey either.

For more information about how to boost your website’s ranking on Google, check out the rest of our blog.