Develop Social Media SEO

How to Properly Develop Social Media SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Social media and SEO are two sides of the same coin. Both help drive traffic to your website but does social media influence your SEO? 

The answer is that it probably does and you should align your social media and content strategies to achieve the best position in the search rankings. 

What exactly is social media SEO and how do you develop it?

Here’s how to incorporate social media into an SEO strategy.

Social Media SEO: What Is It?

It’s possible to use social media to indirectly improve your visibility in searches and boost your organic traffic.

Social media doesn’t necessarily have an impact on search engine optimization directly; however, social signals such as comments, likes, and shares will help you build loyalty and trust. This will also boost exposure and have a positive impact on brand awareness.

Posting on Social Media Will Help Your Content Get Indexed Quicker

Getting your content indexed quicker means you can hit the ground running and start getting organic hits sooner. One way to do this is by sharing it on all of your social media channels.

Whenever you either upload brand new content or refresh your older content, share it. By posting to social media, you’ll generate clicks. This will prompt the search engines to start crawling your site sooner. 

Using Social Media Data Can Help You Create Better Content 

The way that users interact with your social media posts can be very helpful for creating future content. The posts that get the biggest engagement can help inform the content that you create. 

The posts that get the most hits can be useful for generating topics and meta descriptions as well as doing keyword research. 

SEO isn’t just about getting organic traffic, it’s about getting relevant traffic. Using the data that you acquire from social media can help you generate this relevant traffic. 

Social Media Helps You Drive Traffic While You Wait for Your SEO

SEO takes time to work its magic, especially when your website is new. Whenever you post new content, it’ll always take some time for the site to get crawled and for the search engines to know you have new content there. 

While you’re waiting for your SEO to do its thing, you should hit your social media strategy hard and drive traffic through clicks on SEO social media links. Read this article about how to market using Twitter. 

How to Improve SEO With Social Media

Social media and SEO integration may not be something you’ve really considered for your business, however, there are lots of great benefits of social media SEO. 

From boosting your traffic and teaching search engines that you have content to crawl through to generating topics, there is a lot to be said for utilizing social media as a part of your SEO content strategy. 

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