4 Expert SEO Tips to Get More Clients for Your Security Company

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The private security sector is a booming $180 billion industry. How do you break through the noise and get people to pay attention to your company?

SEO is one of the most effective ways of getting in front of your ideal audience. Learning expert SEO tips will allow you to rank and grow your website traffic. Continue reading to learn how to use SEO in your 2019 marketing efforts.

Expert SEO Tips for 2019

The more security guards you have working through your company, the more money you make. Keeping your security guards busy is key to retaining your talent. If they don’t get enough work, they may go work for another company.

One of the easiest ways to get people to your website is through SEO. Use the following SEO tips to gain more website visitors and clients.

1. UX (User Experience) is Everything

Search engines and Google, in particular, want their users to have a great experience. When you create content, think about how the user is going to get value from it whether you are creating content for local SEO or national searches.

When people get value from your blog posts, there are obvious signs that search engine algorithms pick up on. Make sure the post is easy to read, packed with information and stats and anything else you believe will help the reader.

2. Optimize Your Almost First Page Posts

If you look at your website’s rankings for various keywords, you might find you have a lot of pages that rank on the 2nd page. Go through those pages and figure out how you can make them better. These pages are ripe for the picking for page one so don’t leave them where they are; make them better.

3. Create Authority Evergreen Content

If you want long-term traffic, you need to create content that is evergreen. When we talk about evergreen content, we mean content that is going to be helpful for a long time. If you create seasonal content, you will need to create more content constantly.

While constant content creation has its place, you also want to have content bringing in traffic passively.

4. Engage With Users

User engagement is another signal to search engines that you have a great website that people like. The more you engage with those people, the better it is for your rankings. Make sure you reply to people when they leave comments on your blog, so they keep coming back and search engines see you are active on your website.

Now you know how to get more potential clients in front of your offer. It is time to put this information into play to get the results you need. Being consistent with your SEO efforts is an important part of ranking in 2019 in order to bring more clients to your security business.

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